Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Phillip John Charette, "Aarnaquq" will be at the Native Arts Center from the 20th-24th

Phillip will be working in the classroom sharing his knowledge with the students.

Here is a statement by the artist from his web site.
Phillip John Charette, "Aarnaquq"
Alaskan Native Artist Statement

I am an Alaska Native Yup'ik artist specializing in sculpture, Yup'ik spirit masks, and Native musical instruments. While involved in art throughout my life, I began work as a full-time artist in 2001. Through a hands-on investigative and exploratory approach, my art expresses elements of traditional Yup'ik spirituality, cosmology, and power. My art is rooted in historic and traditional Yup’ik “ways of being” learned throughout my life. But, I utilize my own contemporary style, form, and perspectives in creating artwork. Spirits, Yup'ik cosmology, and spiritual beings are my primary subject matter.

As a mixed media artist I work with numerous materials which include clay, wood, driftwood, glass, metal, stone, glass beads, rawhide, porcelain, feathers, quills, shells, bones, paint, and found objects. A rare Yup’ik art form, pottery is a foundation for my work. Clay sculptures are low fired or raku fired in home made kilns. All teeth, bones, and spirits are hand made of high-fired porcelain. A flame worker, I make my own glass beads. Driftwood masks and sculptures are hand carved in a contemporary style. Traditional wood bending techniques are used in making spirit mask frames and Yup'ik drums. Native American style flutes are concert quality and made of hardwoods and low fired clays (including smoke fired, horse hair fired, and raku) .

My artistic goals are achieved though constant exploration and discovery of new methodologies, utilizing new materials, and in exploring new art forms. Future artistic goals include monumental work, working directly with bronze, large fused glass, metal sculpture, prints, and precious metal work. Finally, I hope to push the boundaries of traditional art bringing attention to new possibilities in the mixed media art world. And, I hope to expose and educate people about the spiritual world of Yup’ik art.

And here's a great interview with the Artist.

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